At Euro City we know that purchasing a new car often depends on competitive finance being provided. With our joint venture in the Money Company Hawkes Bay we can tailor a package to suit. If we can’t offer the appropriate solution, we’ll steer you in the right direction with one of our many business partners.

A Credit Agreement is one of the simplest and most cost effect ways for motorists to finance their vehicle purchase.

Flexible terms enable a purchaser the ability to structure their payment commitments to fall in line with cash flow.

Furthermore, funding a vehicle on a credit agreement through us enables you to retain cash for other acquisitions while preserving your existing lines of credit for those other events that often come along.

By structuring a loan, you are often able to cover the cost of your usage as opposed to attempting to pay the whole car off. By leaving a balloon payment on the conclusion of a contract (larger final payment) reduces the need to inject so much cash monthly. This creates a reduction in your cost of ownership while the residual sum can be set up to cover the projected future trade in value.

If you're in business, interest costs may also be tax deductible and depreciation may be claimable. Individual accountancy advice should be sought to clarify.

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Finance Lease

For GST registered businesses.

This style of contract is similar to the Credit contracts above and is governed by the same legislation. GST however is calculated on each payment as opposed to the upfront cost of the purchase saving you potentially on the monthly cost.

Operating Lease

Exclusive Automotive Finance offers both a maintained or non-maintained Operating Lease on new and selected demonstrator vehicles. An Operating Lease can best be described as a long-term rental arrangement based on a term and specified kilometre allowance. An Operating Lease allows you to easily budget your vehicle expenses. Your monthly rentals are fixed over the term of the lease. Under an Operating Lease the vehicle is treated as an off-balance sheet expense so it frees up your working capital. After the lease period is over, the vehicle is returned to us. You then have the option to take out a new lease and upgrade your vehicle to the latest model.

When considering the above finance & leasing options, we recommend that you seek independent financial / legal advice based on your individual circumstances.

Further information can be obtained relating to these products along with their relevant fees & charges by clicking on the following

Exclusive Automotive Finance is an operating division of European Financial Services Limited.

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